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Diverticulitis Kit 3


This kit is for those that are in a flare-up and may be currently on a liquid diet. This kit will often turn around the situation and bring about relief rapidly.

Kit Contains:
- 1 DIGESTIVE STAR: 60 Capsules

1) 10 drops under the tongue 3-4 times daily of the DIVERCALM FORMULA HOMEOPATHICS in between meals. Some prefer to put the drops into 1 tsp of water first then put under the tongue. Once you are feeling much better you will want to go to either DIVERTICULITIS KIT #1 or DIVERTICULITIS KIT #2 (or add in the individual products that are indicated).

2) After 1-3 days (when you are feeling better) start with 1 capsules of DIGESTIVE STAR 1 time daily with food increasing by 1 more each day as tolerated until taking 2 capsules 3 times daily with food.

You may want to follow this kit with Diverticulitis Kit #2 or Diverticulitis Kit # 1.


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