GoodLife Digestive Health

Healthy Gut & Bowel Support Kit


If you want to improve your overall health, energy and immune system, this is the place to start! Balances the flora and 'good' bacteria with prebiotics and probiotics with 800 million cfu's ("colony forming unit"- the measurement system for bacteria) in the Regenerative Probiotic Proprietary Blend. This is whole food nutrition for the bowels. It nourishes the large intestine, reduces inflammation and restores normal digestive function and regularity. Repairs damage from poor diet and the over use of antibiotics.

Kit Contains:
- 1 DIGESTIVE STAR: 60 Capsules

1) Start with 1 capsule of the HEALTHY BOWEL SUPPORT 15-30 minutes before or after eating. Increase to 2 capsules after several days (total of 3-6 per day).

2) Take 1 capsules of the DIGESTIVE STAR 3 times daily with food.

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