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Homeopathic Weight Maintenance Phase 2


Contents: 1 fl. oz. (30mL)

Homeopathic support to set the Metabolism and keep the weight off!

Designed to:

  • Support the Thyroid
  • Support the Hypothalmus
  • Decrease the appetite
  • Help control sweet cravings
  • Help control carbohydrate cravings

Once you have finished either 23 or up to 44 days on the Homeopathic Weight Management Formula Protocol with the VLCD you will enter Phase 3 where you will eat between 1000-1500 calories daily without starches or sugar for 3 weeks. During this time period we have the Maintenance Phase 2 Support to keep your body balanced and the weight off!

Fucus Ves- 6x
Natrum Sulph- 6x
Chelidonium- 6x
Calc Carb- 6x
Graphites- 6x
Lycopodium- 6x
Pulsatilla- 6x
Sulpher- 6x
Kali Phos- 6x
Spongia Toasta- 6x
Calc Phos- 6x
Calc Fluor- 6x
Green Tea- 6x

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