GoodLife Digestive Health

Irritable Bowel Support (IBS) Botanicals


Formulated to assist in healthy bowel function. Helps to regulate gastric emptying and bowel regulation. Reduces inflammation and improves digestion. Includes Acacia, a fully soluble superior fiber, historically shown to support large intestine health, balance and regulation.

Contents: 150 capsules

Dosage: Start with 1 capsule of IBS SUPPORT BOTANICALS 3 times daily with before meals then increase as tolerated until 5 or more capsules total is achieved. Depending on your digestive health you may find the need to increase your daily amount for best results.

Ingredients: Oregano 350 mg, Chamomile Flower 300 mg, Queen of the Meadow 500 mg, Marshmallow Root 300 mg, Fennel 400 mg, Ginger Root 500 mg, Acacia 100 mg.

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